Q & A with Dianne on The Mark 101 in Sage Hill – Topic: Incentives




Question:  Do you offer any incentives or programs to help first time purchasers?

Dianne:  Yes, we’re offering free condo fees for one year when you purchase by March 31, 2017.  We have also reached out to lenders to get a record low interest rate of 2.74%* guaranteed for 15 months, which is especially helpful for first time buyers!  (*Please contact Dianne for current rate as it fluctuates.)   This means lower mortgage payments (i.e. $397 bi-weekly on a one bedroom condo) which means more money to spend on other things you enjoy.    We also offer a customized Down Payment Savings Plan to help get our 1st time buyers into the real estate market.  As long as the purchaser has $1000, we’re good to get started.

Question:  Can you tell us more about the Down Payment Savings Plan?

Dianne:  Our Down Payment Savings Plan enables purchasers to join the real estate world, and invest in their own future, while pricing and preferred interest rates are still attainable.  This program allows purchasers to pay their own mortgage and invest in their own future and stop paying someone else’s mortgage.”

I can work with prospective purchasers to customize their payments to work with their monthly budget, to make saving their down payment as stress free as possible.  Plus we do this for free –  no admin fees nor interest charges.  We’re here to do what it takes you to get into the market.  To read more on this visit our blog.

For more information on The Mark 101 in Sage Hill please contact Dianne:


Sales Centre Location:  3727 Sage Hill Drive NW, Calgary

Show Suite Hours:  Monday – Thursday 2 – 8 pm;  Saturday, Sunday and Holidays:  12 – 5 pm

icon 2 1-403-536-2388

icon 2 info@themark101.com

icon 3www.themark101.com

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