Q and A with Dianne on The Mark 101 in Sage Hill – Topic: Condo Fees

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Question:  How much are the monthly condo fees at The Mark 101?

Dianne:  Condo fees range from $224 to $324 per month depending on the floorplan purchased.

Question:  What do the condo fees cover?  Do I have to pay monthly utility fees?

Dianne:  Condo fees cover most utility costs such as heat, water and gas.  The homeowner is responsible for paying their condo electric bills.  Additional services which are included are:

  • Janitorial of common areas
  • Landscaping
  • Snow Removal
  • Property Management Fee
  • Security
  • Building Insurance (excluding homeowners content’s insurance per unit)
  • Garbage & Recycling

Question:  Are internet and cable free?

Dianne:  Internet and cable is free for the first year through Shaw Cable.

Question:  Do I need to get home insurance with a condo?

Dianne:  Yes, condo insurance for contents is a must but is very reasonably priced.  It is approximately the same cost as Tenant’s Insurance Coverage.

Question:  With 5% down, how do monthly mortgage fees compare to paying rent?

Dianne:  Purchasing our well-priced condos today can mean a mortgage payment lower than your rental payment!

For more information on The Mark 101 in Sage Hill please contact Dianne:


Sales Centre Location:  3727 Sage Hill Drive NW, Calgary

Show Suite Hours:  Monday – Thursday 2 – 8 pm;  Saturday, Sunday and Holidays:  12 – 5 pm

icon 2 1-403-536-2388

icon 2 info@themark101.com

icon 3www.themark101.com

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