Meet Joel – One of Our Condo Purchasers at The Mark 101 in Sage Hill

Nuovo by Shane Homes would like to extend a warm welcome to Joel, one of our valued purchasers at The Mark 101 in Sage Hill.


Dianne Bidinost, our Area Manager at The Mark 101 in Sage Hill, shared Joel’s story.

Joel is a  second year teacher and needed a home which could accommodate home entertaining as well as have a good sized den area which would provide the space he needs to do his homework as a teacher. 

Joel selected the 681 square feet C-1 model, with one bedroom and a den. The 9’ ceilings complimented by 6’ tall windows allow in plenty of natural light into his east facing condo, providing more than adequate lighting to grade his student’s homework assignments. 


Joel is a homeowner who appreciates fashion so he’s thrilled with the huge closet space.  This well finished home includes a stunningly large, 81” long kitchen island accented with upgraded quartz countertops.  Joel’s tasteful decor includes gorgeous luxury vinyl plank flooring, stainless steel appliances and when he heads outside on his spacious balcony, he can enjoy the convenience of a gas barbeque for some tasty cuisine.   The walk-in laundry room has space for a wine or beer fridge which ties in with dinner ever so nicely.   As Joel says,  “I was blown away by the different features and how The Mark 101 offers such a high quality of finishing versus the other condo locations I viewed.”    Look out guests…… Joel is ready to impress!

Being the Baseball Player he is, he knocked it out of the park by acting promptly, as he was one of our first Spring of 2016 purchasers. 

Joel,  we welcome you to our Nuovo by Shane Homes Family of Homeowners and thank you for your very valued business!  You are a very smart, young man who is working hard with your career and stands to be complimented!  You have not only gained a very rewarding career at a youthful age but have also taken the plunge into homeownership!   Keep up the good marks at ‘The Mark 101’!  Congratulations Joel!  Your teacher’s condo gets top marks.”

Joel was also featured in a story in the Calgary Herald, please click here to read this article.

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