Meet Taylor – Our Newest Condo Purchaser at The Mark 101 in Sage Hill

Nuovo by Shane Homes would like to extend a warm welcome to one of our newest purchasers at The Mark 101 in Sage Hill, Taylor.


Dianne Bidinost, our Area Manager at The Mark 101 in Sage Hill, shared this about Taylor.

“Taylor is our youngest purchaser, at 19 yrs old.  Her mom was reading the Calgary Sun one Saturday morning and saw our amazing starting price of $189,900 for a 1 bedroom condo!  The next thing they knew, they were standing in The Mark 101 Sales Center.  Within a couple of hours, Taylor was seriously sold! 

Her sunny southeast corner condo that she selected from a choice of 5 plans feels more like a home, than a condo, with house like proportions and features including a 9’ ceiling with 6’ tall windows, a huge kitchen with island and pantry, a living room with plenty of room for furniture when friends are over and a huge patio with 15’ of grassed area close by.  Taylor said she “knew this made her heart go pitter-patter.”  She was in love!!”

Taylor plunged into a mortgage approval, roller coast ride, after deciding to purchase.  She was immediately caught in the new mortgage approval guidelines but decided to go full force ahead.  At first she was very disappointed as it didn’t look like an approval was happening, but then the approval went full speed ahead due to approval criteria changes.  With Taylor being a very well managed young lady, she came through with her 5% deposit.  Congratulations Taylor!  You should be so proud of your success.  You are very smart to invest in your future now by purchasing a condo, rather than paying years of rent.”

We  welcome you to our Nuovo by Shane Homes Family of home owners at The Mark 101 in Sage Hill.


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