Shane Homes – Proudly Part of Resolve’s Campaign to End Homelessness with Prelude in Radisson Heights

Shane Homes has committed to be part of the Resolve campaign housing first philosophy to help end homelessness along with 10 other Calgary builders.


Each of the homebuilders has pledged over $1.4 million to Resolve to build a series of apartment buildings to house vulnerable people who have nowhere to live and thus provide stability and security for those that need it most.  Read more about the builder group here.

The Visionary donation together with provincial funding will build eleven apartment buildings of similar design in different locations around Calgary. The buildings will be managed by the Calgary Homeless Foundation and provide a range of social supports for the tenants by a partnering organization.

Shane Homes assisted living apartment building will be constructed in Radisson Heights and has been aptly named PRELUDE.

The name PRELUDE was chosen as it symbolizes both the purpose and the mission of Resolve.  Building a series of affordable housing is the start to addressing the needs of the homeless in our community. It is also the start to helping vulnerable and at-risk Calgarians work towards creating a better future for themselves.

Prelude in Radisson Heights will be a four storey building with 23 studio apartment units containing a compact kitchen and a bathroom with shower.  The building will also contain a resident bike storage room, common multi-purpose room, common laundry room, and large shared fully functional kitchen/dining room.


The building will be staffed at all times and is dependent on the Agency and end users whom will occupy the building.

Nuovo by Shane Homes, Shane’s multi-family division will be coordinating the construction of the project.

The ground breaking ceremony will take place on Wednesday, May 18, 2016.

Original Site-3F

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.


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